Talk | Cold War Today: Why the US is still a major regional power in the Asia Pacific

Cold War Today: Why the US is still a major regional power in the Asia Pacific
with Dr Quek Ser Hwee

Date: Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Time: 7.00pm - 8.00pm 
Venue: NUS Museum 

The United States (U.S.) involvement in the Vietnam War, the Second Indochinese war, ended in 1975. This military confrontation, often labelled as America’s longest war, represented but one aspect of Washington’s efforts after 1945 to engage the Southeast Asian nations. Before, during and after 1975, American Cold War policies in this region were not just political and military but also focussed on issues of economic development and democratic evolution. The U.S. is still a major regional player in the Asia-Pacific region and the same geopolitical considerations that led to the Vietnam War sustain and explain the Obama administration’s ‘pivot’ to Asia.

This talk is organised in conjunction with the exhibition <Vietnam 1954-1975: War Drawings and Posters from the Ambassador Dato’ N. Parameswaran Collection>, featuring posters, woodcuts and drawings from the French phase of the Indochina war of resistance against the Americans, and drawings and sketches of life and people at the frontlines.

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About the speaker
Dr Quek received her undergraduate education at the University of Singapore, and obtained her MA & PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle. Her research interests are in the diplomatic history of the U.S.; the impact of domestic politics and processes on American foreign relations; and the geopolitical challenges of the ASEAN nations. Dr Quek is currently teaching at the National University of Singapore and has taught courses in twentieth century American history as well as the international relations of Southeast Asia.

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Image Credit: Artist unknown, The Corruption and Shameful Attack on the Liberation Armies in the Cities Deserve Many Slaps, 1965-1966, Mixed media hand-painted poster on paper, 38 x 52cm. 

Depicted in the painting are Nguyen Cao Ky, Prime Minister of South Vietnam (1965-1967) and President Lyndon Johnson of the USA (1963-1969).


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