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Diary of an NUS Museum Intern: Roy Ng

Note: Diary of an NUS Museum Intern is a series of blog posts written by our interns about their experiences during the course of their internships. Working alongside their mentors, our interns have waded through tons of historical research, assisted in curatorial work, pitched in during exhibition installations and organised outreach events! If you would like to become our next intern, visit our internship page for more information!

Roy Ng is a final-year NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences students, majoring in History and minoring in Art History. As part of his internship, he served as Research Assistant to Dr Priya Maholay-Jaradi, whom the Museum is collaborating with for a forthcoming 2019 programme.

What is Singapore?

Is it the oft-cited fishing village, transformed into a bustling metropolis over a short span of a few generations? Is it a former colonial outpost of the British Raj, an important entrepot for imperial trade, or a nexus of confluence between East and West?

A comm…

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