Grounded Conversations | A Tour with Debbie Ding

Date: Saturday, 24 October 2015
Time: 2.30 - 4pm
Venue: NUS Museum


Free admission with registration at

Held in conjunction with the project The Library of Pulau Saigon, NUS Museum presents an artist talk with Debbie Ding, as part of the Grounded Conversations series. As a point of entry into the project, the artist will lead a virtual walking tour of her personal collection of 3D models of virtual trash bags and litter picked up in-world within Second Life. This conversation will pick up on an aspect of the artist’s practice as one concerned with resurrecting meaning from waste and remains.

About the artist
Debbie Ding (b. 1984) is a Singaporean visual artist and writer based in London. She facilitates the Singapore Psychogeographical Society, which is devoted to promoting a better understanding of the world through ludic adventures, independent research, digital documentation, and data/archival activism.

About the Grounded Conversations series
Presenting a series of distinct projects on how art practitioners have begun to adopt comprehensive paradigms in their fieldwork methods traditionally associated with anthropological and historical research, Grounded Conversations brings together practitioners from the contemporary art world to unravel this ‘anthropological turn’.


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