Exhibition | Open Excess | Prep-room

[Gallery impression, Open Excess, 2015]

Exhibition period: 23 January 2015-ongoing
Venue: NX2, Concourse Level, NUS Museum

Centred around the notion of the bibliographical and its limits, OPEN EXCESS is an ongoing
project that aims to re-present materials donated to the NUS Museum by art historian T.K.
Sabapathy. In themselves, these materials offer invaluable glimpses into the framings and
development of Southeast Asian historiography and Sabapathy’s critical contributions to the field of
Southeast Asian art histories. Here, however, they are presented with the accompaniment of other
texts, images and programmes in order to prompt further readings into the various representations
and reproductions of Southeast Asia. Taking as its point of departure Sabapathy’s call to test, and,
if necessary, reinvent “Southeast Asia” over time, this project will be subjected to periodical
revisions. At issue then is also the experience and contingencies of writing Southeast Asia itself
through the exhibitionary form or otherwise. An online edition of the project is available at http://


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