Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Heritage Community Series | Ancestral Worship Practices of the Babas

Altar and Offerings in the Chan Residence
Singapore, C. 2013
Photo courtesy of Chan Eng Thai

Date: 15 October 2014, Wednesday 
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Venue: NUS Baba House

Limited to 30 pax. To register, email babahouse@nus.edu.sg

Join us for a talk by Baba Chan Eng Thai and discover the ancestral worship practices in Peranakan households. Baba Eng Thai will discuss about the basis of ancestral worship and highlight some of the rituals observed by families. 

Ancestral worship is an ancient practice that dates to before 100BC and reinforces the unity of the family system in traditional Chinese society. It seeks to honour the deeds, sacrifices and memories of the deceased. Many believe that the soul of the deceased lives on and they take an active interest in the lives of living family members. As such, prayers and offerings are made before the tablets in homes, temples and graves.

About the speaker

Chan Eng Thai is a lawyer and graduated with a LL.B Honours (London) Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple from the University of London in 1985. He is descended from two Peranakan families and is passionate about pantun writing. Eng Thai has been in the main committee of The Peranakan Association of Singapore (TPA) for 10 years and currently serves as the Second Vice President. Proud of his Baba roots, he shares his knowledge on the cultural heritage of the Peranakans through talks given at the Peranakan Museum and Friends of the Museums (FOM).

About the Heritage Community Series
Encouraged by the growing community of Singaporeans actively committed to exploring history and raising cultural awareness, the Heritage Community Series is introduced as a platform where independent researchers, heritage enthusiasts and collectors share their encounters, perspectives and experiences. 

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