Friday, 1 August 2014

Curatorial Roundtable 01 | Lines of Control: Curatorial Con-texts

Date: 7 August 2014, Thursday
Time: 6.30 - 8.30pm
Venue: Visitors' Briefing Room, Level 1, National Library Building

To register, email or call 6516-8817 / 4616.

Kenneth Tay (NUS Museum)


Charles Merewether (School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University)
Charmaine Toh (National Gallery Singapore)
Jennifer Teo & Woon Tien Wei (Post-Museum)

Despite the rise of the independent and transnational curator, the role of the curator is inextricably bound up in site - be it the museum, the international biennale, or the small non-profit space. To that end, how do we continue to speak about authorship in curatorial practice given that the latter continues to be influenced, changed and developed alongside the contexts curators find themselves in? As the inaugural session of the Curatorial Roundtable, this session will attempt to explore these questions while addressing also the perhaps problematic over-investment in the figure of the independent and transnational curator.

About the Curatorial Roundtable Series
Presented in conjunction with Curating Lab 2014, the Curatorial Roundtable public talk series gathers together curators and artists working across different fields of research and engagement, to discuss the boundaries of curatorial practice. Amidst the increasing attention paid to the role of the curator, this series aims to probe further into the limits of curatorial practice. Although presented primarily for the participants of Curating Lab 2014, the Curatorial Roundtable is an opportunity to bridge the gap between the curator and the audience, providing opportunities for interaction and stimulating discussions on curatorial practices and processes.

About Curating Lab 2014
Curating Lab 2014 offers final year tertiary students, recent graduates and young curators exposure into contemporary curatorial perspectives and practices. Organised by NUS Museum with support from the National Arts Council, this 8- month programme will see participants embarking on a curatorial-intensive designed as a workshop, an overseas field trip, internship assignments to contemporary art spaces in Singapore, while being guided by the programme’s facilitators and their internship mentors to work towards a final exhibition project. 
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