Saturday, 15 March 2014

Foundations Talk Series | The Malayan Forum, 65 years on

[Gallery impression, 'Between Here and Nanyang: Marco Hsu’s Brief History of Malayan Art' | NUS Museum, 2013]

Date: 15 March 2014, Saturday
Time: 3.00pm - 4.30pm

Held in conjunction with the NUS Museum exhibition Between Here and Nanyang: Marco Hsu’s Brief History of Malayan Art, the Foundations series is conceived to contextualise art and artistic practices against the backdrop of nation building and independence in the period of the Merger of Singapore and Malaya.

Moderated by Dr Lai Chee Kien, the first session, The Malayan Forum, 65 years on, invites Mr Tay Kheng Soon, the noted architect who began his career with Malayan Architects Co-Partnership, and Mr Sudhir Vadaketh, author of Floating on a Malayan Breeze to reflect, weigh and provide contemporary perspectives on Malaya, using the Malayan Forum of 1949 as an entry point.

The Malayan Forum was set up in London by future leaders of Malaysia and Singapore. Primarily a platform for politics, the topics would however have extended to governance and other related aspects for future independence. Key to the premise was the joint stewardship of matters relating to the lands, and hence the term "Malayan" was used. The session seeks to interrogate and delineate the term "Malayan" in its myriad representations, and to consider the impact of the term on the socio-political landscape, and on the arts and culture, in the period leading up to the Merger. 65 years after its inception, the forum will question the relevance and legacies it has engendered over time.

About Between Here and Nanyang: Marco Hsu’s Brief History of Malayan Art
In 1963, Marco Hsu, art critic and regular columnist who contributed articles about the history of Art in Malaya, published a series of essays on the cultural history of the people of the Malayan Peninsula, which were compiled into a book published in Chinese in the same year, A Brief History of Malayan Art. Through his analysis of the development of art history in Malaya and Singapore, Marco Hsu raised questions of Malayan identities and culture for the young nation. The NUS Museum presents the exhibition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the book’s publication, and the Museum will use art and artefacts referred to by Marco Hsu to highlight questions of identity and nation building raised on the eve of an anticipated political development of significance: the creation of a merged, independent nation.
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