Call for Applications: Writing Lab 2014

Writing Lab 2014 is a seven-week script-writing mentorship programme, running from 13 Feb-27 Mar 2014 facilitated by Huzir Sulaiman of Checkpoint Theatre, and organised by NUS Museum for the NUS Arts Festival 2014. Under Huzir’s guidance, students will write short plays that draw from, refer to, or intersect with the collections of NUS Museum. The programme will consist of one mentoring session and one public talk per week, culminating in a public script reading session on 27 Mar 2014 during the NUS Arts Festival 2014.

Mobilising the archival materials and anecdotes collected by NUS Museum, Writing Lab 2014 will attempt to locate history as a site of multiple reflections and refractions. The programme, therefore, takes as its central premise the potentials of writing with history. It encourages a thinking of history not merely as an object that one simply authors, but that which writes us as much as we write it: a history that is equally as ambivalent and contemporaneous as words themselves.

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