Sunday, 5 May 2013

[Re]discovering the NUS Museum

Note: The [Re]Discover! campaign was carried out in 2013 by 3 Honours year NUS Business School students Joyce Ho, Nicodemus Ler and Shirlyn Tan, as part of their Field Service Project with the NUS Museum. 

The year-long Field Service Project (FSP) experience with the NUS Museum was indeed an enriching experience for all of us in the team. It was an excellent opportunity for us to gain new perspectives and insights in the working world, particularly tackling the challenges in planning and executing a campaign.
A key highlight in our FSP experience with the NUS Museum was the [Re]Discover! event that we have successfully organised and carried out. [Re]Discover! was a student-initiated edutainment campaign aimed at reaching out to the NUS Community. It was held over 3 consecutive weekdays from 6-8 March 2013, 11 am – 4pm at 3 locations;
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Science (Central Library walkway)
  • NUS School of Business
  • University Town (Benches outside Starbucks)

To create awareness and hype for the event, we engaged both online, (NUS Museum’s Facebook Page) and offline channels (Posters around school, flyers and tissue boxes in canteens).

The campaign was titled [Re]Discover! with the intention to brand and promote the event as a chance for existing students to rediscover and exchange students to discover the uniqueness of the NUS Museum right within their own campus.  Complemented with our on-going “did you know” campaign launched in 2012, the event provided an avenue for us to reach out to the students through the thought-provoking theme that helps to rejuvenate the museum’s formal and distant branding. At the same time, the use of various interesting yet unknown facts of the NUS Museum also helped to capture the students’ attention.

Planning a marketing campaign with the NUS Museum gave us a peek into the challenges that marketers face in the real business environment. In particular, we learnt and gained an understanding of the requirements of the NUS Museum and internalised them during our planning process.

Moreover, this project provided us an opportunity to hone our communication skills, as we often had to liaise with different parties such as the NUS Museum management, NUS facilities management and external suppliers to successfully execute our campaign. What we felt was more challenging was to attract attention of the students and tell them more about the museum. This was a step out of our comfort zone and helped us to build up our networking skills as well.

Lastly, this FSP experience has helped us gain a deeper understanding and gave us a unique opportunity to experience the culture of working in the museum industry. What’s more, it has helped us to have a greater appreciation for the arts and cultural scene in Singapore as well.

All in all, although at some points in time, we were faced with many tough challenges during the course of the project, we believed that we have emerged as better individuals at the end of the day.  Hence, we are thankful to both the NUS Business School and the NUS Museum for the opportunity to work on this project that set a memorable conclusion to our final semester in NUS.

The happy team with their Prof, Wu Pei Chuan (far left)

Check out photos from the campaign here!

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