Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Publication: OMNILOGUE | Your Voice Is Mine | The Document

Foreword | Japan Foundation

Essay | The Moment "Your Voice Is Mine" | Yabumae Tomoko  
Essay | Opening Eyes to Art | Ikegami Tsukasa
Dialogue | Musings and Meanderings | Michelle Ho and Shabbir Hussain Mustafa
Comment | Multiple Dialogues in Three Cities | Yamashiro Daisuke
Essay | Re: Curatorial Notes | Ahmad Mashadi

out the exhibition Your Voice is Mine
As a form of cultural production that communicates gestures and values, Your Voice Is Mineis propositioned as an exhibitionary agent for raising dialogue, exploring narratives and channeling alternate positions. Lodged between artist, curator and locale of the Museum, it may be experienced as an attempt at examining these processes within the premise of ‘transcultural collaboration’ – a concept that is experiencing renewed impetus in contemporary art circles since the 1990s. Here, communication rests at the heart of things, where the very act of transmission may be considered something that contributes to the positioning and controlling of the audience in a given space, at times ephemerally highlighting the difficulty and collusion of translation, at other times understood as a literal attempt at realizing context(s) external to the Museum. Critically examining the very premise of collaboration, Your Voice is Mine teases its audiences into considering the myriad dynamics of consensus and contestation that take place within transcultural encounters - asking if one can indeed open up newer readings into the categorical ways of defining Other and Self? It begs its audiences to consider how art and exhibition-making reveal hidden inflections, when do these processes become more important than the final production of art, and how do they in turn relate to the spaces and cultures in which they take place?

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