Thursday, 2 May 2013

Grounded Conversations Series | With filmmaker Surabhi Sharma

Date: Thurs, 16 May 2013
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Venue: NUS Museum

Please click here to read more on the films presented.

About Grounded Conversations
Presenting a series of distinct projects on how art practitioners have begun to adopt comprehensive paradigms in their fieldwork methods traditionally associated with anthropological or historical research, Grounded Conversations brings together practitioners from the contemporary art world to unravel this ‘anthropological turn’.

About the Speaker
Surabhi Sharma is a filmmaker. Her films include Jahaji Music: India in the Caribbean, Aamakaar – The Turtlepeople and Jari Mari: Of Cloth and Other Stories. Using an ethnographic approach Surabhi’s key concern is to document cities in transition, and understand cultures in circulation. Her films explore a range of subjects, including music and identity, labour and globalization and women’s health. Her practice includes feature-length documentaries, video art and installation works. Surabhi is visiting faculty in film and design schools in India, and has curated programmes for festivals and organisations. Her documentaries have been awarded at international film festivals including Film South Asia, the Kara Film Festival, the Festival of Three Continents and Eco Cinema; and screened in museums and universities in Asia, Europe and north America. She is the recipient of the Majlis Fellowship, and was awarded the Puma Catalyst Award for Bidesia in Bambai. She recently completed Can we see the baby bump please? a film on commercial surrogacy in India.

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