A Travelling Exhibition | Shared Heritage: As We See It

Shared Heritage: As We See It

Date: 11 May till 13 June 2012
Venue: NX Gallery, NUS Museum 
Opening Night: 11 May 2012, Friday
Time: 6.30pm - 9.00pm

Shared Heritage: As We See It is an exhibition on ideas, stories, and images relating to cultural heritage. Borne out of a workshop that comprised students from both Asia and Europe, the theme of cultural heritage is explored and presented through visuals, interspersed with textual elements drawn from their discussions on the theme. In presenting on the theme of cultural heritage, we encounter its varying elements through ideas, stories, images, and the sensorial, invented in unique ways across the multi-varied cultural and historical landscapes. The result is an exhibition that invites the viewer to engage with shared heritage as seen by the participants themselves. 

Shared Heritage: "As We See It” is an exhibition of photographs and videos by the participants of the 17th ASEF University.

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