From Shanghai to Jalan Sultan | with Kay Ngee Tan

Date: 8 March 2012
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: NUS Museum

Admission is free. To register email or call 6516 8817 / 8429

This talk will introduce recent work of Kay Ngee Tan Architects, which spans across different cities as well as vastly different cultures.

About the Speaker
Tan Kay Ngee is an award-winning architect. He graduated from the Architectural Association, London in 1984 and was the prize winner of the RIBA Students Competition in 1985 as well as the London Royal Academy Young Designer Award in 1987.Selected as one of the “581 World Architects” by Ma Gallery Tokyo in 1996, projects of the office include: the Commune by the Great Wall in Beijing which won the Venice Biennale Silver Award in 2002, the Singapore Management University, and the Singapore Pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010.The office work was showcased in the Singapore Pavilion at 2004 Venice Biennale, and the 2007 Singapore Season in Beijing. The office won the Japan Design Award for the Kinokuniya Bookstore, Sapporo in 2006, and the Singapore President’s Design Award for Page One Bookstore at Vivocity in 2007. 

Recent projects include the IHQ for Bread Talk Group, The Sultan - Boutique Hotel in a Malay conservation area of Singapore, Apartments in Taipei for JUT and Villas in Hengzhou, China. Currently the office is working on the master-plan and the architectural designs of Fantasy Island, a group of untouched eco islands in Singapore Strait that is only 17Km from mainland, design includes Aqua Villas, Hillside Villas, Hotel and other Commercial and Entertainment facilities. Kay Ngee has been a prolific writer on Arts, Culture and Cities for many years. In 1978, his collected essays titled “Never Ending Summer” were published in book form. In 2006, after his long sojourn in England, he returned with “Strawberry Fields Revisited” and his latest volume of essays, “Magnetic Fields of Cities” was chosen by Yazhou Zhoukan (Asia Week) as Ten Best Books of 2008 - first Singaporean Recipient in the non-fiction category. Both “Strawberry Fields Revisited” and “Magnetic Fields of Cities” were published in new Simplified Chinese edition by Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House in August 2009. Kay Ngee still writes for Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore, and Ink literature magazine of Taiwan.

About Curating Nation
In recent years, the idea of the nation has been studied not merely as a site of economic, political or geographic persuasions but also as a cultural object of analysis. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Camping and Tramping Through the Colonial Archive | The Museum in Malaya, this talk series brings together leading practitioners from Southeast Asia in an attempt at discerning the complexities involved in curating aspects of the nation within museological or gallery settings. Ranging from the deployment of exhibitions as a mode of cultural production, to the play of cosmopolitan identities at international biennales, Curating Nation is conceived as a platform for the interdisciplinary discussion of memory, object and practice.


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