Writing Power | Zulkifli Yusoff

Date: 2 Aug - 9 Dec 2011
(Exhibition extended until 19 Feb 2012)
Venue: NX Gallery, NUS Museum

Regarded as a pioneer of installation art in Malaysia, Zulkifli Yusoff’s Writing Power looks at how historical texts affect cultural memory and understandings of nationhood. Exploring how history can be made relevant to contemporary times, Zulkifili’s artistic renditions draw upon the fascinating and complex relationship between the visual and the written - leading his audiences to ponder, if it matters not-knowing what art means, who made it, when, what’s it called, or how to approach it?

Writing Power is held as a companion to the ongoing exhibition Camping and Tramping Through the Colonial Archive: The Museum in Malaya, which explores the rise of the museum and themes on the archives in British Malaya from the 19th century onwards and how contemporary practitioners may lay claim to it.



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