Family Intimacies: Anderson & Low


Date: 19 January - 8 April 2012
NUS Museum

Free Admission

Family Intimacies by photographers Anderson & Low is a visual documentation of Edwin Low’s global family. While the project serves as a tribute to the Low “Lau” family, it brings into light the different themes of memory, place, and identity. Using photography as the main medium of discourse, this exhibition introduces not just ritualistic and site-specific content – portraits of family members in respective homes; places in China; ethnographic images of a funeral procession – but also displays the process of ‘unpacking’ the family as a concept – its stories, memory, archival photos – and how this alludes to larger themes of memory and history-making.
Family Intimacies also mirrors our understanding and thus consumption of how we begin to view our own family trees. In mapping out the Low family tree, this exhibition features the personal and the conceptual facets of what make up the idea of ‘family’, both in the present and in the remembering.


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