Explore Singapore 2011 | Photography for Children, 4 December 2011

For the second day of our Explore Singapore 2011 weekend of workshops, we teamed up with Objectifs to present Photography for Children, a workshop designed for children and their parents to learn about the basic concepts and techniques of photography. We then headed out to Haw Par Villa for a field shoot. As we wandered through the theme park, parents shared with their children their memories of the place while the kids put their new knowledge of photography to the test by shooting photographs for a photo story. Back at the Museum, the kiddies spent the afternoon selecting images, learning to tell stories through their photographs and then finally creating their photo stories which they then shared with each other. Thank you to everyone for participating in the workshop! We hope you enjoyed learning about photography and the visit to Haw Par Villa.

Posted by: Michelle Kuek (Outreach)


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