Film Screening | Sinbad, Shipwreck, and Singapore

Photo by Nurul Huda

Date: 30 November 2011
Time: 7pm – 8pm
Venue: NUS Museum

As part of a collaboration between the University Scholars Program (USP) and the NUS Museum, Sinbad, Shipwreck, and Singapore is a module-based project revolving around the exploration of varying interpretations and cultural issues related to the Belitung Shipwreck (sometimes known as the Batu Hitam wreck). Through the use of contemporary, fictional, and historical materials, students studied the shipwreck and its historical context in the first half of the semester. This was followed by meetings with contemporary Singaporean artists, Noor Effendy and Victric Thng, who introduced and discussed issues concerning the articulation of information and ideas through methods of filming and scriptwriting. The final product is a set of creative and through-provoking short films, produced, directed, and edited by the students, as they share their tales of the sea.

This segment will feature a short introduction by Professor John Miksic, followed by the students’ presentations of their short films.

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