The Photography Series | Photographing the Family

Photographing the Family will constitute of a panel discussion, which will feature speakers Dr Oh Soon-Hwa and Sean Lee as they relate their expertise on photographing the family through discourse and practice, respectively.  

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As part of the first installation of The Photography Series, this preview of works by photographers Geraldine Kang and Hanzhi Khoo offers an entrance into the different ways of looking and thinking about photographing the family.

In the Raw
by Geraldine Kang

In the Raw began with the intention of addressing my personal observations about my family, and bringing the family closer together through (what would seem to a Singaporean family to be) an absurd and uncomfortable method of orchestration and participation. The naked flesh, implied or otherwise, is meant to be a metaphor for issues concerning the body, physical and emotional openness, parent/caretaker-child dynamics and death. Visually, the images are crafted based on memories with the people involved (immediate and extended family) but are not necessarily about the memory itself. Rather, they serve as broader illustrations of relationships between sitters at the point in time of the picture. It is also through this collective "performance" for the camera that forges new memories and opens doors for communication and reconciliation.

Dears, Our Home 
by Hanzhi Khoo

Dears, Our Home is an ongoing compilation of images of my loved ones at home; capturing the very essential elements in my life. The ever-changing daily routines, everyday life, and objects speak of who I am, where I come from. There used to be six of us: five are women, four of which are daughters, no sons. I have three elder sisters, two of which are married. My father is the only man. As I gradually notice permanent changes in the family, I began to sense the fear of losing, and so, I began photographing everything around me, and it became a form of therapy to curb that fear. The photographs are constant reminders that the moments exist, a presence to be preserved, and that every little thing has its significance. I wish to capture all the moments that my little brain cannot hold onto, before Change creeps in quietly and takes them away.

*Details on the upcoming workshop will be released on this site at a later date


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