Raku Workshop with Delia Prvacki


With all participants enthusiastically immersed in the second day of the workshop's process Delia explained and illustrated different ceramics samples with varied materials and composition. Whilst emphasizing on differences between types of clay and firing, all subordinated to the functionality of the final product (industrial, commercial, ornamental etc) Delia also insisted that ceramics can be an independent form of art if practiced by artists who choose it as their medium and their "language" to express their creativity. In studio practice ceramicists-artists are allowed to try all sorts of experiments and innovations, and the ultimate criteria is to follow the originality and integrity of the artist's ideas and message shared with a high command of skill and technical knowledge.

As such, contemporary ceramics became an equal medium to any other mediums practiced by visual artists and is competent to translate all directions and discourse present in 2D techniques and 3D installations.In this context, RAKU occupies a very special space and offers endless varieties of interpretation. Within this course of this workshop, Delia's intention is to promote an alternative approach to ceramic art among practitioners and ceramic -lovers in Singapore.


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