Nature, Man Included

Lee Guan Wei Daniel, You are not alone (photo essay), 2008

Date: 27 February – 17 May 2009 
Venue: NUS Museum

Date: 19 May  - 2 June 2009 
Venue: ArtsBuzz, NUS Central Library

How do we contemplate Nature and Man’s place in it? What are the issues in the representations of Nature reflecting contemporary social and cultural values, the self and community and their relationships with the natural landscape?  Does the environment and its conditions reflect the economic and political dynamics? Should we highlight spatial domination or explore the boundaries between the natural and cultural, the urban and the undeveloped? Or can we reflect on the philosophical ideas on Human Nature? Drawing from the diverse intellectual disciplines and interests within the University, this exhibition which is held in conjunction with NUS Arts Festival 2009 presents a range of perspectives by NUS students, staff and alumni that allows us to reflect Man's place and role in Nature through photography.


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