Sunday, 10 August 2008

Bound for Glory | Wong Hoy Cheong

[Gallery impression, Bound for Glory: Wong Hoy Cheong, NUS Museum, 2008]
Date: 11 September – 23 November 2008
Venue: NUS Museum

Of the ambitions and desires of empires, nations, cities and individuals, Bound for Glory articulates the pursuit of recognition, presented through five works by the Malaysian contemporary artist Wong Hoy Cheong. Revealed in the works are reflections on aspirations for fame and glory sought through notoriety, geographical and imagined occupation, and nationalistic fervor; as well as the dilemmas and conflicts that a rapacious appetite for a place in history, influence and honour entails. Artworks presented in the exhibition include: Re:Looking (2002-3), Chronicles of Crime (2006), Suburbia: Bukit Beruntung, Subang Jaya (2006), Anthem (2006) and Aman Sulukule, Canim Sulukule / Oh Sulukule, Darling Sulukule (2007).
Coming from Georgetown, Penang, the internationally-recognised artist’s practice is inter-disciplinary, involving areas such as drawing, installation, theatre, performance and video. Recent exhibitions he has been invited to present his work at include the Taipei Biennale (2008) and Istanbul Biennale (2007). A publication, Shifts: Wong Hoy Cheong 2002 - 2007, documenting the artist’s work since 2002, is produced in-conjunction with the exhibition.


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