Review | Camping & Tramping through the Museum: Book-Making for Children

On Saturday, 25 June 2011, we kicked off our second series of Children’s Season programmes – Camping & Tramping through the Museum: Book-Making for Children. The kiddies were taken on a field trip through our exhibition Camping & Tramping through the Malayan Archives, learning more about the origins and characteristics of interesting objects. After hearing these stories, the kiddies sketched and coloured pictures for their fields journals. When the field trip was over, they returned to La Libreria (a book art studio in NUS Museum) to learn simple book-making techniques to transform their pages of notes into actual books. The kiddies had a wonderful time, crafting and designing unique covers for their journals as well as learning simple origami to adorn the pages of their books. It was a lovely, crafty Saturday and we hope everyone had fun!

Michelle Kuek (NUS Museum)


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