Children's Season | Batik-Making in the Tropical Garden

This past Saturday, 18 June, we held the second session of our Batik-Making in the Tropical Garden programme, organised in conjunction with Children’s Season. 25 kiddies and their families arrived at the NUS Museum on Saturday morning, all excited about learning about the traditional craft of Batik. The session started with learning more about the artist Ng Eng Teng, the history of batik and how a batik cloth is produced. Armed with their new knowledge, all the kiddies and their parents worked hard together to paint and wax a batik version of Ng Eng Teng’s mural Asian Symphony. In no time, they produced a 5m long batik version of the mural, infusing it with vibrant colour and youthful energy. Thank you so much to everyone for your enthusiastic participation, we hope that you enjoyed the session!

Michelle Kuek (NUS Museum)


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