Saturday, 20 June 2009

Yi Hwan Kwon | A World Not Quite Alike

[Image: Min-Hyung, Bus-Stop Series, 2000]

Date: 20 June to 30 August 2009
Venue: NUS Museum
Guest Curator: Wang Zineng

The freeze frame poses of Korean sculptor Yi Hwan Kwon's creations confound the stability of perceptual knowledge, distorts ocular reality and sets us up on an encounter with denizens in a world not quite alike ours. Taking as its starting point how light ignites the visual and accords the experience of space and distance, Yi Hwan Kwon is provocateur in a parallel planet, agitating visual depth sensation – the human ability to navigate and respond consistently predicated upon our perception of the distance of objects in an environ. The affect of art lies not so much in the poses but rather in the compression of distance, space and time in Yi's world.


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