Friday, 27 February 2009

Jendela | A Play of the Ordinary

     [Gallery impression, Jendela - A Play of the Ordinary, NUS Museum, Sinagpore, 2009]

Date: 27 February - 19 April 2009
NUS Museum

Curator: Ahmad Mashadi

The meteoric rise of Jendela that began in the mid-1990s is both fascinating and confounding. Starting from the mundane, Handiwirman Saputra, Jumaldi Alfi, Yusra Martunus, Rudi Mantofani and Yunizar produce works that are visually seductive and clinical in their articulation, absent of the strident social imageries typical of Yogyakarta art. Is this a reaction against political art? A turn towards formalism? Or can we release them from the burden of reductive interpretations? This exhibition stages an encounter with Jendela’s play of the ordinary, invoking a crisis of signification, one that oscillates between irrational fascination and context.

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