DOXA: Faces as Metaphor | Pupuk Daru Purnomo

            [Gallery impression: DOXA: FACES AS METAPHOR: PUPUK DARU PURNOMO, NUS Museum, 2009]

Date: 10 July - 20 September 2009
NUS Museum

Curator: Karen Lim
Guest Curator: Jim Supangkat

A series of new portraitures by the Indonesian artist Pupuk Daru Purnomo reveals physical documentation and psychological interactions of the artist, focusing on portraiture as the single subject matter for investigation. These works initiate a complex interrogation into man’s struggle to articulate, represent, comprehend himself. They balance an internal emotional equilibrium – defined in the material, residual, abstract presence, and of now and becoming – a palimpsest of memory, predicament and change. Each portrait is a metaphor, and a mirror onto which the self may be invested, a cutaneous veil often masked through associative layerings, at the same time stripped down to its confessional play of allusion. Each portrays an inner ‘being’ of the artist and uncovers Pupuk’s world in which he lives and performs, an inner vision of an outside world.



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