SPACING IDENTITIES: J. Ariadhitya Prahumendra

[Gallery impression, SPACING IDENTITIES: J. Ariadhitya Prahumendra, NUS Museum, 2009]

Date: 10 - 31 May 2009 
Venue: NUS Museum
Curator: Shabbir Hussain Mustafa  

Emerging from various explorations linked to conceptions of the anatomo-philosophical “self”, J. Ariadhitya Prahumendra in his most recent series dissects the seemingly monumental appeal Spacing Identities. Informed mostly by the artists’ biographical interests, the 13 large charcoal works present momentary petitions for recognition, constantly emphasizing on re-assessing the self in relation to what constitutes identity, religion, the moral and the social in contemporary Indonesia. The self simultaneously becomes a subject and object of observation and study, a liminal philosophical category, developed through investigations into artifactual constituents of memory and placed conjunctive to idealizations of artistic labour and its accompanying predicaments.

Hendra’s reflection involves not only an assessment of personal aspirations and anxieties, but is also one that seeks to feed into the relentlessness of his practice as artists marked by idealism and fraught with risks.

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