Friday, 15 October 2010

Publication: Working The Tropical Garden

Foreword | Ahmad Mashadi 
A Mural in the New Nation | Foo Su Ling
Tracing Two Ng Eng Teng Murals
Virtual Conservation
"Asian Symphony is also significant in clueing into the nature of Ng Eng Teng’s practice, in particular his approaches into commissioned works. While the relief mural has been installed at the National University Health System building, shown at the NUS Museum are drawings by Ng Eng Teng that served as actual stencils for the mural. These drawings were recovered from the hotel records, and were themselves conserved in preparation for the exhibition. A maquette for the mural and an ensemble of sculptures donated earlier by the late artist to the Museum are presented alongside the drawings. Collectively, they provide insights into evolving thought processes and ideas of the artist, and establish thematic and formal links between the mural and his broader practice, not merely situated within the contingencies of the commissioned project, but informed by discourses of modern art in Singapore."
-  EXTRACT from Ahmad Mashadi, “Foreword” in Working The Tropical Garden, NUS Museum, 2010. 

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