Monoprint Workshop with Tisna Sanjaya

Date: 31 March / 1 April 2011
Venue: NUS Museum

Workshop concept
Referencing recent events in Japan (the quake and tsunami), this 2-day Pray for Earth workshop will highlight themes of solidarity and communal agency, and the complex relationship between the artist, the environment and connected communities.

Emerging from the collaboration between NUS High School students and artists, Tisna Sanjaya and Juliana Yasin, the works will encompass body prints created from ash and mud, and collages assembled using materials from the Cigondewah: An Art Project exhibition at NUS Museum. The works will be brought back to Bandung, Indonesia and exhibited at the Cigondewah Cultural Centre.

Workshop Session I
30 March 2011 (Wednesday)
4 – 6 pm
    Workshop Session II
    1 April 2011 (Friday)
    1 – 4pm


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