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As seen on artist Juliana Yasin's blog.  

'Pray for Earth' 
I recently assisted Tisna Sanjaya; a renowned artist from Indonesia in his Monoprint workshop at NUS Museum on March 30th and NUS Maths & Science High School on Arpil 1st. Tisna conducted his workshop titled 'Pray For Earth' for fifteen students from NUS Maths & Science High School. For his workshop, he managed to bring to Singapore sand and ashes from Merapi volcano disaster, Lapindo mud from disaster due to error, human greed and charcoal/ashes of burnt books from Bandung's Palasari Book Market and remains of burnt art works. These materials as Tisna decribes make up the symbol of our solidarity as human beings to convey a sense of solidarity through art works made with NUS students in the workshop and as a prayer from the artists community and Cigondewah residents.
"..Pray For Earth…solidarity Japan is solidarity and prayer for earth, Japanese citizens who are resilient and have strong self-esteem in facing the disaster..Their attitude that is strong, polite and firm in facing the tsunami disaster is a lesson for us who are also often strickened by disasters, either due to natural disasters or disasters as a result of our greed in exploiting nature...Through art work, together we make introspection, reflect and work together creatively to keep fostering spirit of togetherness, mutual respect amongst people and to build new culture for peace...hopefully the work we do gives positive inspiration..amen..'
Tisna Sanjaya
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