Photo Gallery | Panel Discussion: Heritage, Sufism, Singapore

Date: 8 April 2011
Venue: NUS Museum

Many thanks to all those who came out for the panel discussion. Whilst the discussion was meant to last for one hour, the panel raged on for almost two! Time keeping aside, some interesting reflections were made by the speakers.

The five speakers, drawing on their own research experiences asked (or perhaps, inquired) about the role of spaces such as keramats within the Singapore landscape.

Ending with a sort of curious dilemma, about how the "preservation" of such spaces may be envisaged? Is heritage purely about the preservation of physical structures? Or is it about, what one may refer to as the generating of "heritage experiences" mediated through constantly shifting/evolving geographies? 

Nurul Huda, one of the speakers and also the photographer for the project The Sufi and The Bearded Man, uploaded her transcript on her blog.
Click here to access the transcript.

Shabbir Hussain Mustafa (NUS Museum) 


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