Sunday, 2 January 2011

Discordant Symmetries l Wei Leng Tay

[Wei Leng Tay, “Eldest Aunt’s Bedroom” Penang, Malaysia, 2010]
Venue: Baba House, 157 Neil Road
Curator: Lim Qinyi
Artist:  Wei Leng Tay

Visits to the exhibition are by appointment only.
Please contact 6227 5731 or email

Discordant Symmetries is a culmination of a year-long study by artist Wei Leng Tay questioning what it means to be Chinese in contemporary Singapore and Malaysia. Through still-life, portraiture photography and audio interviews, the exhibition aims to capture the tenuous relationship between the greater discourses of diaspora, identity, and the nuanced limits of these discourses in light of the growing globalization of culture and other socio-political influences. While these greater discourses do provide historical context to broader issues, the exhibition seeks to question the relevance of these much-discussed and increasingly politicized discourses and their effects on the ethnic Chinese communities. This exhibition was developed under the auspice of the National Arts Council’s Arts Creation Fund.

Click here for the exhibition brochure in PDF format.

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