Coretan | RECENT WORKS by Yunizar

Date: 16 November - 9 December 2007
Venue: NUS Museum
Free Admission

Coretan (cho-reh-tan): scribble; scrawl; squiggle; glyph; marking; hurried or negligent and irregular writing; something hastily or carelessly written, esp. a depreciatory term for a letter (usually one’s own); also a worthless or trivial composition; automatic writing; a careless, illegible style of handwriting; autobiography…

Contemporary Indonesian artist Yunizar challenges our way of seeing and making meaning by working away from representation and eschewing the need to produce direct or indirect logical meanings through his art.

This exhibition features the Coretan series, 19 paintings in which the central motif is text as textures. Here, test futilely operates as signs with associated meanings. It is no longer a language or a system of communication by our common understanding.



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