Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cyanotype on Batik Workshop | Mintio & Kabul, Kelompok Batik Tulis Sido Luhur, Collaboration

Part A:
19 March 2014 (Thursday)
7pm - 8.30pm

NUS Baba House

Part B:
22 March 2014 (Sunday)
12pm - 5pm

Objectifs (56A Arab Street)

Part C:
29 March 2014 (Sunday)
12pm - 5pm

Objectifs (56A Arab Street)

Fee: $225.00 per person (inclusive of all workshop materials)
Limited to 12 participants. Recommended ages 13 and above.

To register, please email, or call 6227 5731.
Payment is to be made by 12 March at NUS Museum upon receiving confirmation email.

Currently featured at the NUS Baba House, the exhibition Kebon Indah: Mintio and Kabul, Kelompok Batik Tulis Sido Luhur, Collaboration displays a series of textiles developed with a new found alternative process that combines photographic cyanotype printing together with the tradition of batik printing. The series, Malam Di Jari Kita (The Wax On Our Fingers) was an art project initiated by Singaporean photographer Samantha Tio (Mintio) and Indonesian contemporary artist  Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul) in 2011 and developed with a group of batik makers of the Sido Luhur group based in Kebon Indah, Central Java.

The 3-part workshop conducted by the artists will allow participants to understand the nature of image-making on textile and execute step-by-step this new technique. From ready-made batik fabrics, participants will create their own cyanotype-batik prints with photographs of their own selection.

Mintio & Kabul will also share their joys and challenges in achieving technical innovations for the purpose of social interaction in creating art, together with experimental ideas for new alternative processes in photography.

Workshop details

Part A
Participants will be introduced to the Malam Di Jari Kita artworks on display at the NUS Baba House. The artists will share about the relational aspects of their project as well as the technicalities of printing and creating the works. Theories on working with textiles and creating the sun-prints will be explained with images to illustrate each step. Participants should provide the soft copy files of the photographs they would like to print in Part B.

Part B
With pre-prepared batik, participants will work on completing a 20x20cm batik piece with print. The batik piece will be sensitized, exposed and developed with the prints from the photographs of their choice.

Part C
In the final session, participants will complete the larger 50x50cm batik piece with print and are encouraged to explore compositions with their photographs creatively. Participants can experiment with toning their cyanotype prints to create tones other than cyan. To conclude the workshop, a discussion will be held on alternative photographic and printing processes and how it could be combined with traditional craft methods found in the region.

Event Photos

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