Sites of Practice: Here & Elsewhere | Artists' Dialogues on Performance Art

(from left to right: Amanda Heng, Let's Chat, 2009. Jose Tence Ruiz, License, 1993. Lee Wen, Stories My Father Never Told)

Date: 4 November 2011, Friday
Venue: NUS Museum

Please RSVP by 3 November at
For enquiries, please call 6516 8428 / 6518 8817

10.00am: Opening Remarks by T.K Sabapathy
10.30am: Sites of Practice: Here & Elsewhere | Amanda Heng, Jose Tence Ruiz and Lee Wen in Conversation. Moderated by Kwok Kian Woon
12.00pm: Sorpresa! / Surprise! | Performance by Jose Tence Ruiz

Sites of Practice: Here & Elsewhere features Amanda Heng, Jose Tence Ruiz and Lee Wen coming together to detail themes, strategies and problematics of performance art and encounters with its ‘publics’ in Singapore during the late 1980s and 1990s. For Ruiz, a Filipino whose practice is rooted in the social struggles of the Marcos period, his residence in Singapore necessitated an investment into newer strategies, negotiating perspectives of audience, values and artistic activism.  Affiliated to the Artist Village, Amanda Heng and Lee Wen pioneered performance art as a principle device in connecting with emerging perspectives on the alternative, responding to institutions and their hierarchies, and widening reception of contemporary as global practice. What were the emerging conceptual propositions? How and where were these articulated? What limits? What implications to contemporary practice today?

Sites of Practice is part of the Philippine Art Trek 2011, and is co-organised by the Embassy of the Philippines (Singapore) and NUS Museum.



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