Illuminance: Agus Suwage & Filippo Sciascia

[Gallery impression, Illuminance: Agus Suwage and Filippo Sciascia, 2010, NUS Museum]

Date: 27 Aug - 14 Nov 2010      
Venue: NUS Museum
Curator: Karen Lim
Illuminance presents a series of new works by Agus Suwage and Filippo Sciascia marked by interconnected and non-linear visual narratives and the appropriation of iconographies. Focusing on mortality and light as material and metaphorical subjects, the works draw from a multitude of sources and forms such as decorative patterning, photography, objects and references to the natural sciences. They explore the intersections between the cerebral and intuitive in the search for wisdom and the transcendental, alongside the formation of personal and philosophical identities. 

Click here for the exhibition brochure in PDF format.


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