Sunday, 13 February 2011

Cigondewah: An Art Project by Tisna Sanjaya

[Gallery impression, Cigondewah: An Art Project by Tisna Sanjaya, NUS Museum, 2011]

Date: 17 Feb – 3 June 2011 
Venue: NX Gallery, NUS Museum
Curator: Karen Lim
Artist: Tisna Sanjaya

Urban growth, industrial expansion, and their impact on the environment is a common experience often faced by smaller village communities occupying city peripheries, including Cigondewah, a village south of Bandung, Indonesia. Cigondewah: An Art Project by Tisna Sanjaya centres on the complex relationships between artist, his environment and his public. Underlying this complexity is the role of artist in sustaining a practice that is immersed into the potentials and predicaments of place and community; economic and political ecology that constrains, mediates or enables actions; the question of communal agency and artistic goals; and the place of the art market within a pragmatic social cause. Under these conditions, how is art practice reconstituted? For whom? To what productive outcomes and what limits?

Click for a video of Cigondewah and its resilient community interacting with Bandung college students in June 2011.

Click here for the exhibition brochure in PDF format.
Click here for exhibition documentation.

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