CONCRETE ISLAND | "Through the crash barrier" Reading Programme

"Through the crash barrier" is a 12-week reading programme and literary experiment led by the idea of drift/derive through J.G. Ballard's novel Concrete Island. Beginning first with a close reading of the opening chapter, it aims to accelerate through Ballard's novel by half, reading only a selection of 12 out of 24 chapters. The proposition here is to pace out the reading of Ballard's novel by half

h the end of every session marked by participants deciding on which chapter to read and discuss next. Through a combination of close readings, reading aloud sessions, and reading excursions unfolding across Singapore, this programme is an attempt to put Ballard's novels under a variety of pressures: to explore the space of literature, the acts of reading, and the rhythms of readings set against the (algo)rhythms of the city.

Ballard's Concrete Island tells the tale of a speeding protaganist who finds himself ejected out of the London highways, and marooned onto a traffic island. There he is forced to survive out of what is left in his car and what little else is available on the island. Facilitated by Luca Lum and Kenneth Tay, "Through the crash barrier" is a component of the project CONCRETE ISLAND organised by the NUS Museum.

For more information and to apply, check out -
Applications close on 17 January 2016

[Image credit: Geraldine Kang]


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